Sandstone Equity Group was created for the specific purpose of identifying and purchasing a diverse portfolio of real estate assets.

Our mission at Sandstone Equity Group is to allow investors to have an opportunity to own a piece of the hottest real estate market in the country at or below market value to ensure maximum returns. Although the Managers intend to initially search for properties located in Southern Nevada, the Company will not limit itself geographically.

The Company intends to focus its investment efforts on raw land primarily through Bureau of Land Management land auctions, development of raw land, and commercial properties. Sandstone Equity Group has the knowledge and experience in identifying superior real estate investment opportunities, and specializes in the acquisition and/or development of those opportunities.

At Sandstone, our highly skilled professional team has a keen sense of anticipating growth patterns and locations for maximizing future values, which can result in double and triple digit returns for our investors. Our highly coveted niche is known only to a handful of savvy land investors... which is the Nevada Bureau of Land Management land auctions.

The Bureau of Land Management holds periodic land auctions for auctioning Las Vegas land at wholesale pricing. It is this little known event that will allow our investors to take part in the tremendous gains that can be realized through the know how and expertise of our team. In addition, we have cultivated strategic relationships with National Homebuilders and their land acquisition heads. These relationships will afford Sandstone an exceptionally unique opportunity to enter into mutually beneficial contracts to acquire properties that will be turned at a specified future date and profit.

The Las Vegas real estate market continues to remain extremely strong, with record numbers in closings across the board. The burst of real estate transactions follows a year marked by nationally leading price growth, diminished inventory, and increased affordability concerns — all in a market that can tout its relatively low prices, especially compared to Nevada's neighboring states.

 Despite Las Vegas’ higher real estate values, prices are still well below their pre-recession peaks, and even further below when adjusted for inflation. With the addition of NHL's Golden Knights and NFL's Las Vegas Raiders, the largest Tesla factory in the world, Google giant currently constructing a facility, and Amazon building its second facility, just to name a few, prices will almost certainly continue upwards well into the future. Sandstone Equity Group is directed by a team of dedicated senior real estate professionals whose experience in real estate sales and acquisitions in Las Vegas averages 40 years, and who, collectively, have acquired and sold over half a billion dollars in real estate.

With the expertise of our key advisors and industry connections, we stay abreast of the most recent developments that affect the real estate market and know how to interpret their indications for future purchases and sales, giving us a significant edge over the competition.

Team of Advisors

· Mark Trainer ·
A visionary entrepreneur, Mark has been at the forefront of ground-breaking industries.  Having successfully invested in over twenty real estate properties in the Las Vegas area, Mark’s impeccable timing for acquiring property well before its peak makes him the perfect candidate to head the Sandstone team of professionals.  With almost 40 years of entrepreneurial success, Mark has founded multiple businesses across several genres.  He understands the commitment and dedication it takes in making a company head and shoulders above the competition.  His keen sense of market timing and leadership in predicting “the next big thing” ahead of the masses makes his contribution to Sandstone Equity Group invaluable.

· Richard Luke ·
 President and CEO of Richard Luke Architects for over 35 years.  This award-winning architectural firm specializes in high-end luxury residential design as well as residential community design. Richard Luke Architects is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, he has designed throughout the United States.

· Melody Hernandez ·
Owner of Unique Properties, a Las Vegas based real estate brokerage firm specializing in the sale of vacant land and income-producing properties, for over 30 years.  Unique Properties has worked with many of the national home builders helping them locate land tracks for future development, as well as assisting investors and developers in land and commercial acquisitions.

· Johnna Quinn ·
 Johnna has worked in the advertising/marketing industry for 30+ years, focusing on hotel/casino relations, home builder strategy, and new business development. As a Las Vegas native, she has seen the town grow from a population of less than 150,000 and has taken advantage of many local real estate opportunities.

· Steve Schwarz ·
Marketing and Information Technology specialist Steve Schwarz provides advertising and marketing services that have resulted in increased revenue for Sandstone investors. Starting in Silicon Valley and now in Las Vegas and Southern California, Steve has played a key role in new marketing and IT teams to promote our Commercial Land Investments and employing successful advertising strategies that maximize the company's sales revenue and (ROI) Return on Investment.

Our Business Plan Objectives

  • Our goal at Sandstone will be to acquire properties at or below market value, primarily in the Las Vegas market, and turn at a profit.
  • Our focus will be on vacant land acquired from Bureau of Land Management Auctions, private parties and individuals, or estate sales.
  • Our team will determine the highest and best use for each property in order to maximize profits.
  • Our team will evaluate each property/parcel and determine the many avenues of action, depending on location and influencing factors effecting each individual property/parcel.

These different avenues will be, but not limited to the following:

  • Acquiring and holding the property for a specified time frame and then selling the property at a profit.
  • Acquiring and zoning the property, then selling it to an end user, such as a homebuilder or commercial developer.
  • Acquiring, zoning, and developing the property and selling the developed property.
  • Acquiring, zoning, and developing the property and holding the developed property, realizing the cash flow, and selling within a specified time depending on market conditions and influencing factors.

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